Are you sick of being bullied by the right wing? Are you ready to stand up and fight for progressive candidates all over the country? Are you ready to turn anger into action?

What a coincidence. So are we! 

Blue Revolution began in January 2017, as the horror of the Donald Trump presidency began. Lie after lie, scandal after scandal, policy after bad policy, after worse policy, we have been keeping our heads down and keeping our eyes on the ball: electing progressives up and down the ballot, giving to progressive causes that resist the Trump regime, and finding camaraderie while doing it. 

And we’re just getting started. Join us. We won’t quit if you won’t. 






We ask that you support our mission to "educate and activate" progressives in America, especially in this dark time of misinformation, disorientation, and fatalism. We can take America back, but no one is going to do it for us. Please help us support this long fight.

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Blue Revolution is an invite-only, troll-free Facebook group of 30,000+ progressives. We are a space for folks to vent and share news, as well as a place for activists to communicate about resistance efforts, feature candidates and ways to flip seats in the Trump age. 


The Democrats need to flip 23 seats to regain control of the House. So in 23 weeks from May to November, 2018, Blue Revolution will mobilize for one Democratic candidate a week in a swing district held by a Republican, with donations, postcards, social media likes and follows, and closer to election day, we will call and text thousands of voters in these districts.

We focus particularly on candidates who refuse corporate PAC money.